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This is not spoiler free blog. Containts nsfw stuff and gore. I tag spoilers as "spoilers". Same thing for nsfw stuff. ALSO: This is not political blog


I don't post psd or textures, but I do post gifs and edits, mostly anime related, and gaming sometimes. Requests are always welcome!

A litte about me

Read the full story in page about me(click on my name in description). I'm Russian, Fem, Bisexual, Cancer, 20 years old. Work keeps busy me whole day, so I'm here at night. I'm living by europe time.


Mostly posting gaming and anine stuff. Also a bit of disney and tv shows. I do personal posts, but very rarely. Wanna talk about something? Just ask! But first, check FAQ. That's all, thanks!

Hi, I'm’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off

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Snk + Gif meme: 03. faceless

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Snk + Gif meme: 03. faceless


meet Iwa-chan, my best friend in a whooole world!


Jessica Sherawat by a-paru

Frozen gif/screencap meme [5/10 scenes]


Peterhof Palace, Russia.

I’ve always thought that we just had this kind of connection… unspoken of course.”

Video Games Alphabet  |Loss

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The conversation has accidentally wandered away from Cornelia’s life. Whatever were we thinking?

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fma meme » two outfits {2/2}

↳ Ed’s coat